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Studio 316 Turns 3 Years Old!

STUDIO 316 Turns 3 Years Old!

Also: Game Dev Heroes, Develop Brighton and Falmouth University News

Today marks the 3 year milestone for our little Studio, a big milestone both in business and team development, so today’s newsletter will be taking a little look back over the last 3 years at some of our highlights that have brought us to where we are today.

Celebrating 3 Years of Studio 316

It somehow, feels like both a very long time ago and also just yesterday when reflecting back to forming the team in the final year of study with Falmouth Universities Games Academy.

It wasn’t even till about a month or so before we came to completing our final year that we actually started to consider starting up a studio and making it an official business. It all started with our final year project Time Rivals and the Tranzfuser Enterprise pathway.

It’s incredible looking back now and realising just how niave we were, taking a first person, multiplayer, arena hero shooter and trying to make that our debut game. Hindsight is 20/20 though right?

Regardless of Time Rival’s ability (or lack of it, more specifically) to break out as our debut, the Tranzfuser programme really kickstarted our studio and got us into gear setting up the business and thinking like a business rather than a student team.

We are now 3 years on from the Tranzfuser programme, a successfully sustaining game development studio with a client work for hire portfolio and a shipped title under our belts. For the most part our CEO, Joe was doing this out of his mums living room corner while she watched Greys Anatomy. (shout out to Joe’s mum for letting him start the business under her roof.)

Willing To Work For Hire

A big part of why we are still around today, was the decision to start trying to create for others and sell our development knowhow in order to keep the studio running. Doing this as early as possible really gave us every opportunity to organically grow our reputation based on our ability to deliver as a work for hire studio.

Getting a website set up and shouting about doing work for hire things as soon as possible helped us to bag clients to start building up our portfolio. We also made the effort to get ourselves over to Develop:Brighton to network and talk to potential clients.

Exhibit A: Jamie and Khris posing on the pier in Brighton, 2021.

Since opening up our studio to work for hire opportunities, we’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects with lots of really cool people. From our first client Endix Expo, all the way through to our latest release with Excalibur Games, Tip Top Table Tennis, the jounrey so far has been a bit of a dream and gone by in a flash.

3 Years ago, we started this adventure. Aiming to create a studio with a culture and mission to be proud of, putting the emphasis on the people within, creative freedom and inclusivity. It’s had ups and downs and a little bit of sideways, but we are still here, still working, still gaming.

Here is to 3 years and many more to come 🥂🎊


Last week, we found out that our latest recruit and member of the Studio 316 gang, Dan Moxom, who joined us as a Junior Programmer in october last year, has made it into the finalist selection of the Rising Start Game Dev Hero category! Congrats to Dan the Man.


Dan and Joe will be making their way over to Develop Brighton to attend the awards in July!

Falmouth University News Feature!

We have had a lovely news article written about the studio and our latest release Tip Top Table Tennis, by the Falmouth University News team which has recently been posted up on their website.

With our anniversary today, this article is a great little reflection on where we began back in the games academy and how it set us up to get started as a studio and what their facilities and curriculum provides.

You can read it HERE!

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Tip Top Table Tennis Launches!

Tip Top Table Tennis Launches Today!
Tip Top Table Tennis Launches Today!

Our first ever newsletter, and it’s a Juicy one!

Today, our first commercial game release and our first Nintendo Switch title, Tip Top Table Tennis, launches digitally on the Nintendo Eshop! Tip Top is a local multiplayer, motion controlled table tennis game with multiple games modes, a paddle editor and more!

Check our the game on the Eshop with the button below!

After a short and sweet 7 month development cycle of hard work from the entire team, we can now officially say, we have shipped a game! An epic feeling for all of us and a big, big achievement for all the individuals in our little gang. 

If you are interested at all in some behind the scenes action of how Tip Top Table Tennis was put together and an insight into the first time experiences of working with a publisher, publishing a game and working on a Switch title; you can read all of our dev blogs here!


Cornwall Chamber 30 Under 30 awards

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Joe Clark, has been shortlisted for the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce 30 Under 30 award and tonight will be attending the awards night in Newquay!

Joe was shortlisted among 80 other talented individual in the Cornwall region for their

Thats it for today’s Newsletter! Catch you in the next one 🙂

Newsletters To Your Inbox

Keep up to date with things happening at the studio, get behind the scenes peeks and be the first to hear about upcoming projects with our mailing list! 

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