Time Rivals Weekly Dev-Log #4

Welcome back to the Time Rivals Weekly Devlog! This week at Studio 316, we have our final Rival and some of the more necessary things in game development to talk about – optimisation, gameplay fixes and the inner workings of the game.

The Rivals

Lightning in a Bottle

Our final Rival to be revealed is Nova, and the first, ironically, shall be last. Nova was the first Rival we prototyped for Time Rivals, and her gameplay has been ready for quite a while because of it.

Nova is the leader of a cyberpunk gang, having been adopted into it and rising to power after being rejected from a human experimentation facility as a child. The experiments done on her gave her control over electrical fields and allow her to  project lightning bolts from her hands with the aid of her special gauntlets.

Her gameplay is designed to be slightly more accurate and long-ranged than Shutter’s spray and pray SMG gameplay, and her special ability is to drop a lightning field that will slow and damage anyone who walks through it.  

Here’s Nova’s concepts, and some gameplay in progress! Note that Nova’s model is old and will be replaced with a newer one to match the updated concept!

Full House

And with that, every Rival we want to have in the base roster has been revealed in some capacity! Check out how they look in-engine! (remember people – still a work in progress!)

Quality of Life 

We’ve been making little changes to the individual Rivals to make our gunplay feel that little bit better. Jamie has been working on adding some sway to weapons to make them feel that much more natural. It does come with its own bugs and issues though…

As for Shutter specifically, we’ve been improving his SMG’s spread and responsiveness.

On The Next Episode…

This week’s devlog was short and sweet. Now that we’ve shown you all our characters, now it comes down to us polishing them all up to perfection, and creating the kind of scenarios and gameplay that’ll keep players enjoying Time Rivals for a long time after release. We may not have any new Rivals up our sleeves, but we can’t wait to show you how our current group develops! Next week we’ll have more gameplay clips, some insights on how we plan to balance things out, and news on playtests: it’ll be one you won’t want to miss! 

See you next week!


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