Time Rivals Weekly Dev-Log #6

Welcome back to the Time Rivals Weekly Devlog! This week at Studio 316, we’re beginning to think about our open proto-play playtests. We’ve also implemented new animations, new ways to use clone pods, and have been working on the promo banner for Time Rivals!

The Rivals

Group Shot

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on the main banner art for Time Rivals, featuring our four base roster characters. Expect this to change and upgrade over time as new Rivals join the fight – and there will certainly be more promo art coming from me in the future! This is still a work in progress obviously (we still have to design Goobert’s gun Jamie!) but here’s a look at how it’s coming along!

Between U and I…

I’ve also been working on some UI redesigns. While we haven’t implemented them yet, these sketches are informing how we’ll change the UI to be more clean, responsive and give you all your information fast. You can see the raw sketches and how we built up to a confident point below. 

Steaming Up, Part Two

Jamie has given an inspirational interview on how his Steam implementation process is coming along! We’ve encountered some small problems in the Steam implementation process and Jamie has decided to open up about how his week has gone trying to fix the Steam implementation.  

Go Long!

Clone Pods are key to Time Rivals of course, and this week we’ve received  our Clone Pod throw animation from Emily, who the studio has outsourced many of our future animations to. She’s done a great job in making the animation dynamic, here’s the base animation and how it looks like in-engine. (If you’re interested in more of her work, check her animations out at https://twitter.com/animator_emily !) We’re still working on retargeting the animations for our characters, but while we’ve been working on doing that our designer Joe has been working on the level, implementing arena hazards too to inspire some cool Clone Pod plays! 

Here’s the current WIP level shots!

That’s all from this week! Next week we’ll have updates on the UI, and some alpha gameplay footage as we’ll be collecting footage over the weekend for our first trailer!

See you next week!

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