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Tip Top Visuals

For Tip Top Table Tennis, we wanted Tip Top Visuals…so lets talk about what we have done to get Tip Top looking Tip Top  Settling on art styleFrom the outset, we had some guidance from the publisher on what they wanted the title to look like, which was leaning...

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The First Playable

Milestone Complete As the title and subtitle of this blog might suggest, we passed a milestone, the first milestone for Tip Top Table Tennis!  The first milestone was 1 month into development, and the requirements for this milestone were simply “First playable proof of concept”…and that is all. There...

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Jostling with Joy-Cons

Now, we have to be careful about how much we share with you in these blogs, as we don’t want the heavy forehand swing of Nintendo spanking us across our backside, but we will be doing our best to let you in on as much of the development as...

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Reality Checks

Starting Our Development Engines As with most game projects, we started with some planning. We got together in person, sat around a table, and started talking. Now, we do plan to go into a bit more detail on our planning process throughout this series, but for now this will...

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Many Firsts, The First of Many

Exciting news! We are buzzing with energy and beside ourselves to be able to announce that we are working with Excalibur Games on an upcoming title for Nintendo Switch called Tip Top Table Tennis! And yep… you guessed it! It’s a table tennis game! This is going to be...

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