About Endix...

A fully-immersive digital multiplayer video game event, Endix was created to make digital gaming events a global phenomenon. A virtual world in which players/attendees from across the world can participate regardless of finances and proximity.

Endix Expo delivers all of the excitement, engagement, and features of a live gaming event—but in a digital world. A world where physical limitations don’t apply. A world where the impossible is possible.  

  • Create your own avatar
  • Join alone or with friends in party systems and proximity voice chats
  • Explore the city hosting the event, but also the expo center and experience the thrill of a video game event in an immersive digital realm.
  • Interact with the worldwide gaming community through (influencers, streamers, fellow gamers, developers, etc.)
  • Challenge your friends and the whole community in mini-game challenges
  • Experience booths like never before and play participating titles on the spot

What service did we provide?

We were approached to bring the vision of Endix-Expo to life in mid 2021. Over the course of a 6 month period, we provided a full development service creating Endix within unreal engine 4 bringing together the following features: 

  • A custom backend user accounts and login system using Amazon Web Services .
  • A friends, invite and party session system backed by our user accounts system and Vivox network for a cost efficient solution
  • Server network implementation along with various player network features such as customisation, save data and more.
  • Online multiplayer server deployment with support for over 50 players per session.
  • A custom automated ticket fulfilment service to deliver purchases in a timely and cost efficient manner 
  • Voice and text chat systems powered by Vivox Plugin. 
  • General game development development and continued optimisation including level design, lighting, scripting (Blueprints and C++) and more.
  • Demo booth system allowing players to play external playabales from within the Endix World.
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