Hexton Hills

About Hexton Hills...

Hexton Hills is a collection of 3D printable tile sets created by Graven Guild for all those map making enthusiast. A collection of interlocking hexes for table top role-playing and war gaming. Provided in .stl format for 3D printing. 

The Hexton Hills map creator is a web based application that we helped to create for Graven Guild so that their customers and community can plan and get creative in bringing their map ideas to life as well as get a list of tiles used for purchasing the plans to 3D print them from home!

What service did we provide?

We were approached by the Graven Guild team to assist them in the creation of this map making application when the app was half way complete, taking the project on from another development team. The Hexton Hills application is a web based JavaScript application using React and KnovaJs. 

We were tasked with seeing the project to completion ready for the Graven Guild team to soft launch the app to their community. From the point of taking on the project we:

  • Made optimisation and performance updates to the app and improved loading times.
  • Added a map size scaling system.
  • Improved upon the zooming functionality
  • Added searching functions for Tile ID’s 
  • Created a system for draw orders on tiles
  • Set up hosting platform on AWS Amplify and configured it for the Graven Guild team
  • Deployed the project to their hosting platform

Our programming team brought the Hexton Hills project to completion in just a few weeks, also providing support for the Graven Guild team in setting up their hosting platform and launch support when it went live. 

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