Seagrass Ranger

About Seagrass Ranger

The Seagrass Game is an interactive experience, made in collaboration with Eden Project and Natural England.

Built for a target audience of 3 years and up, the Seagrass Game aims to provide a fun and interactive way of learning some of the key important messages about seagrasses within the Cornish coastlines and their importance in coastal ecosystems, as well as the wider global climate.  

The game is being displayed on site at the Eden Project inside The Core building during the summer of 2023 as well as being taken on an educational roadshow to schools across the UK, in order to help spread the environmental messages and get younger audiences interested in the habitats.

Game Engine

Target Platforms


“It has been a great pleasure to work with Joe and the team at Studio 316 on our Seagrass Ranger educational game for children. Throughout the process they have been organised, diligent, thoughtful, collaborative, communicative and amenable. They are highly competent, and created an excellent game for us, using great initiative to aid in concept development. They hit all the brief targets, realised our vision excellently, remained on track throughout and delivered on time and on budget. I would highly recommend this team, who have a varied and complementary skill set that makes them quick and productive. A great experience!”

– Rhiannon White, Content Curator for the Science Engagement and Learning Team

What service did we provide?

The Eden Project team reached out to us in late July 2023 looking to create this experience with a short, 1 month turnaround time. Their goal was to  display the game on site for the final weeks of summer holidays in late August / early September, whilst the traffic was high at the Eden Project site. The team provided us with all the information about seagrasses, as well as referencing an already existing informational video, made by Owl ‘n’ Wolf Studio. 

We produced a proposal for the Eden team within 1 week of our initial discussion, in which we outlined our concept for the seagrass game, its features, visual style and how it would hit the target messages that the client wanted to convey. After some swift design iterations on the concept, based on client feedback. We set to work on creating the Seagrass Ranger game within the 4 week deadline. 

During the 4 week development period, we concepted and designed the game from scratch, creating design documentation to accompany this. We built the project from scratch with Unity, implementing all the designed features and mechanics for interacting with the scene and seagrasses. We also collaborated with the Owl ‘n’ Wolf Studio to gather artwork assets to implement in engine. 

We also implemented and used pipelines for building and delivering the project to the client through the use of Apple Test Flight and Google Play, allowing for quick and easy delivery of builds for testing and updates to the final versions. 

It was a pleasure to work alongside the Eden Project team to create this game experience and a massively enjoyable development cycle with a short and sweet title that we carefully managed scope for, whilst also aiming to deliver the impactful messages the team were looking to convey. 

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