Time Rivals

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Time Rivals sees 8 players pitched against each other in a fast paced multiplayer FPS. Using technology from the future which allows for never-before-seen capabilities.

Time Rivals takes place in the far future where technological advancements have allowed for unprecedented new means of entertainment. Time Rivals is a highly popular game show broadcast all over the world and it sees contestants thrown through time into well-known and obscure historical and futuristic settings in order to battle it out for the pride of victory.

Advantages of the futuristic game show come in the form of clone pods, players receive clone pods of their rivals when they enter the battle, Players can throw these clone pods anywhere in the level, anytime, giving them a tactical insertion point when they next fall in battle. 

Death is no longer a disadvantage in Time Rivals…Players can commit ‘strategic self incapacitation’ using danger spots in the level in order to gain an advantage with their death and clone pods. Clone pods unlock unique and strategic possibilities in battle. Traverse the map, push through a choke point, respawn in a vantage point, deny your opponents kills, use clone pods for a fast spawn to a moving objective… 

Without the disadvantage of death, how will you use your clone pod? 


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Pegi 12




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This project has been selected to take part in the Tranzfuser Enterprise pathway programme 2021.

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